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About Elite Professional Assistants



Elite Professional Assistants (EPA) is a division of Elite Time Management (ETM). Our experience in providing professional assistant services has enhanced the quality of life for our clients by

maximizing productivity in all areas of their lives. Our clients value us for our honesty, resourcefulness, and commitment to the task as if it were our own.


A Personal Assistant, really?

Yes, really! Individuals with a to-do list that just keeps growing can benefit from our services. The primary attraction of such a service is that it significantly cuts down on “joy stealing time suckersSM for busy clients who wish to utilize their time for other purposes.


Let EPA take on the tasks that eat up your time. Let's face it, you've never heard anyone say on their deathbed that they wished they had spent more time standing in line. Life is short and should be lived – not endured.


Professional Assistant Services

We are not a temporary employment agency, but we do assist our business clients in achieving their goals when they may not have the available resources to focus on certain tasks. We are dedicated to providing an alternative choice in filling the needs of businesses who require office support staff on an as needed basis. We guarantee timely, efficient, consistent, accurate and professional support. Our goal is to promote your success!


Specialty Areas

EPA also specializes in working with clients who have may have special projects or needs.


We offer our clients...

  Personal errand service

  Oversee tasks or projects at your home or office

  Schedule appointments; make or answer phone calls

  Assistance with planning for parties, meetings or other big event



Giving you the time time for your life...



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